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idyllic in the provision of grace

Indeed, timeless grace best describes these two distinctive properties. Here, life this good never goes out of fashion. The best part of fond family memories is making them. Too, passing them to the next generation. Here, true tranquillity is only the beginning. With family and friends, sharing the joys of togetherness – such as the chime of glasses raised to sunrises and sunsets and melodies of the sea and singing crickets and lilting laughter – all, voices in the choir of joyful noise . . .

Two grand parcels in the village, but with a richly warm, rural feel. Each with unsurpassed, wrap-around views, 8’ MLW, and ancient, old-growth trees. One ready for building, the other with a terrific home, great pool, and more. This package of grace – Site/Home . . . $890,000., Raw Site . . . $675,000.

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