White House Creek

Rigors of the week . . . after week after week . . . The cumulative impact compounds your need to not only draw out those rigors of the week, but also more significantly to replenish your spirit and restore your enthusiasm. Would you consider: you have spent some of your health to create your wealth, but now you want to spend some of that wealth to restore your health?

And it’s as simple as transferring some assets, a transition from assets that merely work for you to those that additionally, truly replenish and restore through the creation of fond family memories. Yes, a transition from valuable to priceless. A wise couple offered when presented with a similar great opportunity and after picking up their second home: we anticipated this, and imagined that. But those were very poor substitutes for experiencing life. We just love it!

Great views. A great dock facility with a lift and a large over-the-water deck for picnics. Ample walking spaces. A great yard for games. Quietude galore. A mint-condition home with an unsurpassed floor plan with walls of glass and multiple decks/porches . . . . And more.

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